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Recreational Classes

Pre Dance

3 year olds

Pre Dance is a thirty-minute class that meets once per week. This class is our first introduction into the world of dance. Pre Dancers learn the first ballet feet and arm positions, as well as the first few basic ballet skills. We introduce the movements first, and then quickly associate the movement with the proper French term for the skill. The dancers learn these French terms quickly and can often be heard repeating them in rhythm as they execute the movement. Pre Dancers also work on coordination, balance, and group dynamics. We wrap all of this in a big bundle of “princess” music and story songs using fun, colorful props and a world of creativity.
Each Pre Dance class performs one dance in the spring recital. That’s right! Those tiny dancers take the stage and perform the skills they have mastered in their beautiful “first” dance costume in front of all of their proud family and friends!


Ballet/Tap 1

4-5 year olds

Ballet/Tap 1 is a one-hour class that meets once per week. During the tap portion of class, dancers learn beginning tap skills focusing on differenciating between sounds made with the ball of the foot and those made with the heel. Correct tap terms are also introduced as skills are learned. Dancers also practice rhythm activities and coordination skills to fun, upbeat music.
During the ballet portion of class, the dancers work on correct ballet feet and arm positions and the first few ballet skills. As skills and positions are introduced, correct French terms are associated with those skills so that dancers use correct ballet terminology from the very beginning. This class also works on balance skills and group dynamics to prepare them for performing on stage.
Ballet/Tap 1 classes perform two dances (a ballet dance and a tap dance) in the Spring Recital!


Ballet/Tap 2

5-6 year olds

Ballet/Tap 2 is a one-hour class that meets once per week. During the tap portion of class the dancers review basic tap skills and continue building upon those elements with new skills. Dancers focus on correct tap sounds and begin to use their tap skills in combinations. Tappers also practice rhythm activities using fun props and upbeat music.
In ballet, dancers begin to focus on proper ballet posture and positions of the arms and feet. They review beginning ballet skills and add to these skills, using correct technique and body positions. They also practice these skills in combinations in center work and traveling across the floor. Dancers continue to work on balance and coordination at this level. Ballet/Tap 2 classes us fun, colorful props as they dance to age appropriate, fun music.
Each Ballet/Tap 2 class performs two dances ( a ballet dance and a tap dance) in the Spring Recital!

Ballete:Tap 2.JPG


6-7 year olds

Ballet/Tap/Jazz is a one-hour and fifteen-minute long class that meets once per week. During the tap portion of the class, the dancers build on basic tap skills, and they continue to work on rhythm and sound clarity. Skills are practiced in combination, and traveling skills are added as well. We also work on counting music and moving from one skill to another using counting techniques.
Ballet brings the beginning of barré work where the dancers practice ballet exercises at the barré using correct posture and feet and arm positions. Dancers also do center work consisting of jumps, as well as skills that utilize extensions and balance. We also practice ballet skills across the floor, and incorporate all the skills in fun story dances using age appropriate story music. As always, correct French terms are used in ballet.
This class introduces jazz to the students as well. Dancers learn stretching techniques, turns, leaps, and begin to build their jazz vocabulary! They always enjoy the fun, upbeat music in jazz as well!
This class works on group dynamics and learns various stage formations and how to go from one formation to another. They put this training on display as they perform one dance in our annual Christmas Show. Then they perform three dances (a ballet, a tap, and ajazz dance) in the Spring Recital!


Hip Hop

8-11 year olds

Hip Hop is a fourty-five-minute class that meets once per week. Class begins with a thorough, cardio-style warm up! From the warm up, dancers will transition into the instructional part of the class concentrating on trendy (but always appropriate) dance moves! These basics will be rooted in the concepts of isolations and popping. Dancers will also work on floor work and traveling steps. Dancers will spend a few minutes each week working on rhythm basics such as counting music and recognizing accents. The music used in this class is always current, fun for the kids to work with, and age appropriate! 
The Hip Hop class will perform one routine in the Christmas Show, and one routine in the Spring Recital!



Clogging 1: 6-9 year olds

Clogging 2: 9-11 year olds

Clogging is a percussive dance which performed to the beat of the music. Music choices vary from traditional bluegrass to lively contemporary and top 40’s music. All forms of clogging are fun and high energy. We will concentrate on traditional basics for a great foundation moving onto more contemporary style of clogging as experience and ability permits. Clogging is the official state dance of North Carolina!


Clogging 1 and 2 are forty-five-minute classes that concentrate on basic clogging steps. We will progress to moving across the floor and having good spacial awareness. This class will work on traditional simple formations. Prior dance experience is not required in order to participate in our beginner class. Both Clogging 1 and Clogging 2 perform one routine in the Christmas Show, and one routine in the Spring Recital!



8-10 year olds

Tap/Jazz is a one-hour class that meets once per week. Students do thirty minutes of tap concentrating on basic and intermediate skills, and tying those skills together in combinations. Dancers work on counting music and also practice rhythm skills that are the foundation of tap. Skills are used in the center in combination and traveling across the floor.
The thirty minute jazz portion of the class uses upbeat, hip, age appropriate music while teaching jazz basics. The class begins with stretching techniques that enhance the dancers’ flexibility. Center jazz work focuses on leaps, turns, and various jazz skills.
The Tap/Jazz classes also have performance opportunities during the year. This class performs one dance in our annual Winter Show, and they perform two dances in our spring recital.


Teen Takeoff

11-14 years old

Teen Takeoff is our BRAND NEW class! We are so excited to offer 11-14 year olds a fun way to "TAKE OFF" into new styles of dance! Dancers will spend the hour long class each week rotating through different styles, and learning the foundation of each one! At the end of this class, dancers should be well versed in lots of different styles, and they will be able to communicate which style(s) they want to focus on! Each week, dancers will spend a few minutes on tap technique before moving to a thorough warm up and stretch. They will then spend the rest of the class working on one to two of the following styles each week: Jazz, Hip Hop, Pom, Lyrical, and Contemporary!

Teen Takeoff Dancers will perform one dance in the Winter Show, and two dances in the Spring Recital. 

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Inclusive Tuition

At Main Street, all of our Recreational Classes feature inclusive tuition. Your monthly tuition payment will include your registration fee, all costuming, a pair of tights, a recital t-shrit, and 2 recital tickets! We try to make your year easy and stress free by including all your extra needs!

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