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The Main Street Force is our team of dancers that are interested in pursuing dance in some form (college dance team, college dance programs, etc) after high school, or dancers that want dance to be their only passion and art during their middle and high school years.  These dancers audition for the team every year in June.  They come together and start their year in July and dance through the next June.  They are in the studio taking class every weekday as a part of Force and their regular company (either Junior or Elite).  The Force attends 4-5 national conventions each year.  They have guest choreographers come into the studio to teach master classes and choreograph pieces each season.  They also attend 4-5 regional competitions per year as well as one Nationals in June.


Our Force Alumni have gone on to be members of several Division 1 College dance teams.  Our Alumni have also gone on to be admitted into well recognized college dance programs, and have been successful in studying in these programs.  Our Force dancers have won many awards in the past few years including NYCDA’s coveted Critique’s Choice Award, Hall of Fame’s MVP Winner, and they have also won Dance Machine’s National Clash of the Champions for four of the past five years.  While we are proud of their awards, we are much prouder of the strong team bonds they form each year, as well as the overall people they become through the hard work and dedication they have experienced through being a part of this team.


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